Graduation Gowns for Young Learners

Graduation gowns are all about differentiating those who wear them as deserving of praise for their accomplishments. While gowns have long been a fixture of university academic clothing, many colleges now recognize the importance of holding a graduation ceremony with gowns for their students to commemorate their accomplishments.

When attending the University Commencement Ceremony, any college convocation ceremony, and most special interest convocation events in person, students must wear caps, gowns, and tassels.

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It’s all about comfort and style when it comes to what you wear under your cap and gown! Consider business casual attire, and keep in mind that your shirt collar or dress top will be visible. Wear shoes that are appropriate for the surface — a football field? Climbing or descending stairs? Check the weather forecast for the ceremony and make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Above all, wear something that won’t detract from the ceremony’s formality and is appropriate for a post-ceremony dinner or outing with family and friends.

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Follow these guidelines for wearing your graduation gown:

  • Place your graduation gown over your head with the colors facing outward.
  • To keep the gown correctly fixed and positioned, attach the hood cord to your shirt button or use a pin.
  • Get some help turning your colors out on the back so they can be seen.
  • You can even use your gown to obtain some assistance at your graduation ceremony!

It is a proud moment for any parent or teacher to see their children don their graduation robes and participate in their own graduation ceremony. You may be confident that they will look their best for the event when you choose the gowns from

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