How a DBA Degree Can Benefit Entrepreneurs of the Future

Time stands still for no one. All the business heads of today will eventually move onto retirement, meaning those before them will step into their shoes and take over. If you’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, a career in business may be the path to take. However, unless you have the right credentials under your belt, carving out a successful career in this field may be more difficult than you first thought.

If you like the idea of running your own business in the future, a DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) degree provides the highest academic qualification in the business world. Once you’ve decided a business career is your calling, here are several ways in which a DBA programme can benefit you going forward.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

To get noticed in business, you’ll need to put the work in and do everything you can to command respect and recognition. One way to do this is by earning a DBA degree. While many people opt for an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to enter management or leadership roles, a DBA shows that you are willing to put the work in to achieve your professional goals.

DBA degrees are designed to give professionals and executives advanced research tools and techniques. These are mandatory for strategic planning and decision making. In most instances, HR professionals favour candidates that have higher education behind them, which is why it makes sense to graduate with a DBA over any other programme.

Learn Advanced Skills

Throughout a DBA degree, you will learn advanced skills and techniques that will prepare you for a career in business. While DBA coursework is known for being rigorous, business heads will appreciate the commitment and hard work you’ve put into the course. One of the most important skills you’ll learn and master in a DBA is critical thinking. This gives you the ability to think rationally and clearly, as well as understand the logical connection between ideas. During your DBA programme, you’ll become better at communicating, listening, and networking.

Higher Salary

Whatever role in business interests you most, we all want to be in a position that offers financial security. Understandably, the more credentials and qualifications you earn, the higher chance you have of obtaining senior-level positions. This will allow you to command a higher salary, especially as employers understand that individuals who complete advanced degrees will expect a lucrative income. If you plan to work for a large business, six-figure salaries are usually the norm once you complete a DBA degree. You’ll find smaller organisations may pay out even more to DBA degree holders.

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Open Multiple Career Paths

When you complete a DBA programme, not only will this identify you as an expert in your field, but the skills and qualifications you gain can open multiple career paths. Many DBA graduates apply for senior-level leadership roles. However, others decide to go it alone and run their own operation.

Another great thing about DBA degrees is that you’ll be qualified to go into practically any industry. These include government, education, business, or healthcare roles. Having plenty of career opportunities can help you establish what role is right for you and where your talents lie.

Master the Art of Leadership

While some people are born to follow, others are born to lead. If you resonate with the latter, a DBA degree teaches you the importance of leadership. Many holders of a DBA will have the mandatory qualities and leadership skills needed to succeed. Regardless of your field of expertise, or what type of role you want to go into, the programme helps enhance your leadership skills that you can effectively utilise within the workplace. Other leadership attributes you’ll learn during your DBA degree include empathy, strategic thinking, the ability to convince and inspire others, as well as how to share clear messages and make complex tasks easy to follow for everyone within the business.

Ignite Your Passion

Even the most lucrative of roles will not be worth the hard work and effort if you are not personally motivated and invested in what you’re doing. For those aspiring to enter a senior level position, completing a DBA programme will ignite your passion and give you the focus and determination to make a difference to a business. You must pick a career that satisfied you, otherwise, you won’t be committed to your role and your duties. Before you enrol on a DBA programme, make sure you have a career plan laid out which will give you something to work towards and keep you focused.

Improves Confidence

Whatever business sector you go into, confidence is one of the key attributes for success. If you don’t believe in your abilities or cannot lead a team, you will struggle to get far in business. A DBA programme can enhance your confidence from the beginning. While it’s normal to feel anxious at the beginning of your degree, as you work through the modules and see the end in sight, you’ll feel more relaxed and prepared for the future. To thrive in business, especially leadership roles, you need your team to believe in what you say and trust your judgements. Therefore, having the confidence and belief in yourself will take you far and help you flourish in your work.


For future entrepreneurs, you may already be in full-time employment, but want to strive for bigger and better things. If you’re worried that a DBA programme will take up all your free time, worry no longer. You can study a dba programme from Aston University which is a part-time distance learning course. The programme can be completed in four to six years, meaning you can stay in your current role and study at a time and pace that suits you. Because DBA programmes are so flexible, you don’t have to worry about the course interfering with your personal or professional endeavours.

DBA degrees teach valuable business management, organisation, and leadership skills that can help you stand out from other candidates. Whether you work for an existing business or become your own boss, earning a DBA will arm you with the necessary skills and techniques required to flourish in the business sector.

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