Invaluable Advice When Pursuing a Career as a College Professor

If you are a currently working as an elementary or high school teacher and feel as if you are no longer being adequately and regularly challenged, or even if you are just coming to the end of your training years and are already looking forward to your ambitious future, then there can be no better career pathway upon which to focus than that of a college professor.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of some invaluable advice when pursuing a career as a college professor.

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Postgraduate Education Is a Must

Naturally, to become a college professor, it is only logical that you will be required to further your own level of academic qualification before ascending the proverbial ladder. The most sensible and altogether practical way of combining your postgraduate educational studies with your current professional obligations is to successfully acquire an online masters in education from a reputable and renowned academic institution.

Pursue a Doctorate

To become a fully qualified professional college professor, it will then be advisable to undertake a doctorate in your chosen field of specialism; however, a doctorate is not actually mandatory.

However, most prestigious college teaching positions in locations across the length and breadth of the country require applicants who have studied for and successfully acquired a doctorate, which generally takes between five and seven years.

It is absolutely essential to embark upon a doctorate that embodies all the specific areas of interest you hold, both on a professional and a personal level, and to ensure your doctorate is directly related to the subjects upon which you intend to build your career as a college professor.

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Invest Time into Academic Presence & Publications

Naturally, the more academic publications and the more widely known your presence is in the academic world, and more specifically, the area in which you specialize, the more likely you are to be accepted for the college professor position at the top of your wish list.

If you have in mind a tenure-track position, which is by far the most secure career path for a prospective college professor, then getting your name published in as many academic journals and publications as possible is exceedingly important. What’s more, not only do you need to have your research work published, but you also need to ensure that such academic publications are well-received and prominent in your particular area.

The Fundamental Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a College Professor

As with many other academic careers, there is a clear pathway and tangible steps that you must take in order to become a fully qualified and licensed college professor working full-time in an accredited academic institution, as follows:

  1. Decide upon a major as soon as possible
  2. Learn from your professors
  3. Strive for top grades in every area
  4. Gain publication and research experience
  5. Take the GRE and apply to graduate school
  6. Write your master’s thesis
  7. Apply for your doctorate
  8. Build connections with residents and visiting professors
  9. Focus on your dissertation
  10. Apply for college professor positions
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