Reasons to Work in Education

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have the ability to shape a young person’s life by inspiring them to become the very best they can be. Working in the education sector is a vocation; therefore, it isn’t a career that should be taken on lightly, but there are many reasons why it could become the best choice you will ever make.

Those who wish to make a difference in society often turn to education to give something back by sharing their knowledge and expertise with the younger generation.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the key reasons why you should work in the education sector.

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1. The chance to continue learning

While you may have secured the necessary qualifications to become a teacher, the learning doesn’t stop there. Your manager may ask you to take on additional programs to expand your skills and experience and create a greater learning experience for the children. Programs can be studied on a flexible basis for your own online professional development.

2. The chance to shape young lives

Those who wish to pursue a career in education typically have one main goal – to have a positive impact on young people. There are very few careers in which there is the opportunity to make a difference, but teaching is certainly one way to do it by educating the next generation. Imagine bumping into these young students again in twenty years’ time, discovering they have qualified as doctors, nurses, or veterinarians, and knowing that it all started with you.

3. You’ll encounter something new every day

One of the best things about working in education is that you’ll be presented with new challenges every single day – that is what makes the career interesting and eye-opening. If you’re someone who enjoys new experiences and new prospects, this is certainly a career that will interest you.

All lessons will be different, you’ll go on school trips, and there may be other tasks you are asked to do which will be completely new to you and out of your comfort zone.

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4. Building relationships

Whatever role you take on in the education sector, you’ll get the chance to build long-term relationships with other staff members you work closely with and, of course, your students.

Some young people may not get the attention they deserve at home, and going to school may be their safe place where they can be themselves and receive some immediate care. This is where you’ll get the chance to nurture and ensure those children have everything they need during the time you spend with them.

5. A good work-life balance

While this shouldn’t be your primary reason for securing a job in education, the benefits of having a work-life balance speak for themselves. Teaching only has a limited amount of teaching hours per day, but you may need to take into consideration the time spent marking and writing reports in your own time. Having said that, teachers do have a respectable amount of annual leave per year to match the children’s vacation time, which is ideal if you have children of your own.

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