3 Strategies for Early Learning Education

If you have a young child at home or are an early learning educator you know how excited and curious young children can be. When channeled, that curiosity can lead your child through a path of learning. However, young children are also figuring out the world around them. Many young children become confused and frustrated when learning, which takes all the fun out of learning something new. To maintain the fun and keep your child or children excited and curious, there are several tools you can use in your classroom or at home.

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Labeling Symbols

Many young children can recognize pictures. Pictures are usually brightly colored, interesting, and simple to understand. Applying early learning strategies to develop language development skills, you can use symbols and pictures to your advantage. Showing your child street signs, food labels, or simple brand logos, can get your child thinking about the relationships between the symbol and what the symbol means. This is the first step in learning how to read and write.

Changing Activities

A majority of young children have short attention spans. This can be challenging as a parent or educator. However, if you can create a schedule that has varying activity levels throughout the day, you can help keep the short attention span at bay. It’s recommended to start with a reading or listening activity to help get your child into a learning mindset. Then, do something active allowing the child to get up and moving.

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Using Senses

Allowing young children to use and explore their senses is a great way to teach them about the world. Science education, in particular, can benefit from using the senses. Planting a garden, going for a walk, or having lunch are all opportunities to talk about the senses and science. Use simple questions to get your child thinking and asking their own questions.

Teaching early childhood education can be challenging. Try to get in touch with your inner child and explore the wonders of the world from a child’s perspective.

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