How to Become a Teacher: Guide for Second Career Professionals

Teaching is a career that is always in demand, even if you don’t teach directly. If you have a passion for teaching others and have finally found yourself in the right frame of mind or even the right moment in your life to get started as a teacher, then today is the best time to get started on the path toward your second career.

There are so many great ways to earn a teaching certification in your area and many different ways to bring to life your goal of becoming a teacher.

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Of course, there are many ways you can be a teacher. This guide will help you understand your options and how to get there:

Becoming a General Education Teacher

By far, the most commonly thought of profession when anyone hears the words “teacher”, is a children’s teacher. While many teachers start out their careers young, know that there are ways for older adults to get started in as little as two years. These programs are designed for those with little to no teaching experience so that more can earn their NYS teaching certification. In this program, you will take either evening or online classes and even earn hands-on experience that will prepare you for your new career.

Do note that this will let you earn an initial certification. If you want to earn the professional certification, you will need to continue your education and earn a master’s degree. There are many online options, however, and you can usually use your own school as the site for your hands-on fieldwork.

By Teaching a Specific Skill

If you have a well-defined skillset and the work and professional experience to back that skill up, then chances are you can teach others those very skills. This is common for artists in particular, who will train others in short workshops and other short courses in their skill, but art is not the only area you can do this.

If you are a business specialist, for example, you can create short business courses or a series of webinars. You don’t even need to lead them directly. Recording and then selling access to the recorded course is a great way to build up a passive income.

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By Training Personally

There are always those who want to learn but also want one-on-one attention. Tutors teach personally and are often chosen since they can customize and adapt their approach to suit their students.

This is a great option for those who don’t like large classrooms and the school environment but want to continue teaching kids of all ages. You will usually have a specific educational focus. For example, perhaps you are specialized in teaching children with a certain learning disability, or alternatively, you may specialize in science topics.

Teaching professionally in this capacity lets you take on students and give them the attention they deserve while also focusing on your own skills and interests. You can work privately or as part of an agency.

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