PSAT or Preliminary SAT or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is a very useful test for the students who want to seek admissions in prestigious colleges and universities. Students usually get confused about the questions and format which they will face in the SAT Test. Students also get confused that PSAT and SAT are the same. There have been many myths which revolve around student mind, today we will clear all the Myths about the PSAT Exam. Refer to the following points to get the complete details about Myths about the PSAT Exam.

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Myth 1: No preparation required for PSAT

The first and foremost Myths about the PSAT Exam is that there is no need for preparation for the PSAT exam. One should aware of the myth and should absolutely prepare for the test. One must prepare well to gain monetary benefits as well as various awards. The test requires high knowledge and skills to win. This test helps to hit the weak spots before appearing for the SAT.

Myth 2: PSAT marks don’t matter

As we have discussed it’s worth in the earlier paragraph. Marks do matter for the PSAT. The applicants can earn various monetary benefits from the National Merit Scholarship Program by performing well in the exam. One should be serious about it whether he/she qualifies or not. Students should be prepared to look over the weaker spots to attain perfection. They might take the help of their tutor or someone else.

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Myth 3: PSAT is just a mere practice examination

PSAT is just a mere practice examination is one of the most common Myths about the PSAT Exam. Imagining PSAT just an ordinary test would be an act of foolishness but most of the students consider it. PSAT helps to identify the strengths and rectify the weakness before appearing for the SAT.  Although PSAT is much shorter and easier than the SAT. The applicants cannot seek admissions via the PSAT exam but there are chances to win awards and monetary gain. It opens the chances to participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program.  There is huge competition to win the title and it requires high academic skills.

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Myth 4: PSAT is easier than the actual SAT

PSAT is easier than the actual SAT is one of the most common Myths about the PSAT Exam. PSAT doesn’t mean by the inferior version of the actual SAT. Though, it is shorter than the SAT as it does not comprise long essays and math problems which reduces the reading time of the students. The test consists of similar types of questions as asked in SAT but it does not mean that the questions would be the exactly same.

Myth 5: PSAT is the same as SAT

Another one of the most important points of the Myths about the PSAT Exam. PSAT helps the students to prepare for the SAT. But students consider them as the same. But there is a huge difference in them. Firstly, the SAT is lengthy than PSAT as PSAT does not consist of essays and complex math sections which reduces the reading time. It does not include imaginary numbers and trigonometry.

And the students should note that they need to appear for PSAT in high school rather than at official centers. PSAT proves to be the warm-up before the actual SAT.

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Myth 6: PSAT is only concerned with the junior year students

College management wants students to appear for the PSAT to get the benefits of new scholarship programs. Even if the student does not get the benefits of the scholarship, it will be essential for the applicants to practice taking this test earlier in the high school career.

Myth 7: College Boards consider PSAT marks

College Boards consider PSAT marks as another myth about the PSAT Exam. National Merit Scholarship Organization is an important body that looks after the PSAT score. This body is known for the National Merit Scholarship which helps the students to earn monetary benefits through scholarship awards, College management does not consider the PSAT score other than for scholarships.

Myth 8: PSAT includes the penalty for the wrong answer

PSAT penalizes every wrong answer. Students avoid guessing and skip questions to avoid the reduction of marks. But students are unaware of the new pattern for the PSAT as same as in the case of SAT. PSAT does not have negative marking for the wrong or unattempted questions. Students should not skip even a single question, they should attempt every question. It gives the best chance to score more marks in the exam.

Myth 9: PSAT is just like other ordinary tests

Another one of the most important points of the Myths about the PSAT Exam. PSAT usually covers information regarding math, literature, and English. There are three different sections divided into the PSAT exam. Few questions can be answered within a tick in the given timeline. This test requires high knowledge and speed as questions in each section has to be answered within an allotted time. Students need to work hard and fast and try to get answers correct as much as possible to attain a higher rank.

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