There are definitely some obstacles in the development of any nation and society in the world, including Pakistan and many countries that are facing difficulties in this development, one of the biggest difficulties for students. There is a crisis of a deadly disease like a Coronavirus.  

 The rapidly growing Coronavirus crisis has disrupted many of the student’s daily academic lives. To deal with these problems, all schools, colleges, and universities around the world have decided to take their classes online, governments have closed all educational institutions and confined students to their homes.

Study tips during Corona crisis

The question here is whether students will be able to continue their education in this troubled world and its faltering education system

Even in these situations, students need to take precautions against this deadly disease to keep their progress going.

Students should follow these tips to continue their education in this crisis of Corona.

Keep a social distance:

Social Distance

One thing must ensure that in any place or any area of the house we should take distance. Especially when any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus are diagnosed. As much as possible, use your washing dishes and common items used in everyday life with individuality. Although you personally miss the formal conversations that take place in schools, colleges, and universities in solitude, you can stay in touch with classmates and teachers to reach out to them and resume the formal conversation. The system has to be set up at home. If possible, this social distance can be restored through informal conversations via Skype or video call.

Taking bath: 

As we adopt a bathing and washing routine every second and third day in our daily life. We should triple the same routine there. Use liquid Dettol in lukewarm water for bathing or use Dettol soap and Hand-Sanitizer frequently.

Chose an area to Study:

The student should choose the area where he could feel peace during the study as he is in school. So, he didn’t feel hesitation and continue his study. In this crisis of the Coronavirus, the teacher himself is in this predicament. He does not know whether the task he has assigned to the student is more or less, difficult or easy. For this, a student should Help your teacher. During his study, he should manage all the affairs and take his time to study in an area of study. He should keep him cut off from all the activities of the home. He should fully be determined that he came there just study, in the chosen area of the house. He may take his education seriously and attend his class on a regular basis without any short leave or any a sense.

Follow the time table:

While living at home, the student should create a timetable to improve the quality of his studies and it should be strictly followed. Schedule tests system should also be arranged keeping in view the appropriateness of time so that while living in this creative field of home education there is no shortage of outdoor education such as school, college, and university environment and crises like Coronavirus at home. Get rid of your education crisis by adopting all the precautionary measures.

Keep in touch with fellows and tutors:

Staying up to date with your teachers and classmates is also an essential part of an individual education so that the education system can be improved. In order to do any work, we have to get the guidance of one of our teachers as a teacher. In the same way, in order to make our individual home education system better, we have to get the guidance of our teachers and fellows and also help them when needed.


It is also important to have medical help and a good diet to strengthen your mental balance. In the current era, every student needs some extra hard work and dedication in the field of education for which they may also need more food and rest.

You need to keep taking vitamins that strengthen your immune system and help your brain to function more efficiently.

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed as much as possible. They are high in nutrients that strengthen you physically and mentally and will also make you feel better.


If you continue your education with full attention, passion, and dedication by following these tips, it means that you are getting a much better and better education than usual. You can get your education in the face of this crisis.

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