Private Vs. Govt Schools

The debate will continue for all eternity between the comparison of private and government educational institutions. Both in their respective fields have their own importance. The future champions of India have much to cultivate and reproduce in both types of institutes. Is this only the schools responsible for the children’s development? If so, what might be better private or public? Many think that private institutions are better than public schools, is this true?

Private Schools

  • Private schools have the better physical and mental development infrastructure necessary for children. They can help students learn their lessons in a better way by using the necessary facilities. The infrastructure can assist them with a practical education approach.
  • In their approach to the psychological development of children, the private institutions are better.
  • Private schools are better protected by hygiene and the environment that can protect students ‘ health.
  • In private schools, education is more audiovisual today with the emergence of computers.
  • Private schools can also provide improved physical development facilities and sports activities for children.
  • In the MNC culture (multinational corporation), which feed many of us in the current era, students can learn a civilized and modern approach.

Government Schools

  • Government schools are affordable and offer the minimum infrastructure necessary to satisfy fundamental needs.
  • Low-economic group students do not live in private schools. The right to education is freedom for all, and government schools provide all children with education without partiality.
  • Only government schools can implement policies such as ‘Free and
  • Compulsory Education’ and ‘Education of Girls’
    State schools also provide the students with basic sports and physical training facilities.
  • Private schools can not compete with government schools’ fundamental educational requirements.
  • Government institutes provide their faculty of education and management with a good salary.


Private schools are better than government schools because they offer better facilities, a better teacher-to-student ratio, clean and healthy facilities, better conditions to enhance the personality and extra-curricular options for students. Government schools can not offer all of this, but those that are unable to afford private schools better than no schooling to have their children in government schools.

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