The IQ or Intelligence quotient tests are the acuities of the intellectual and mental capability of a person. As the name suggests Intelligence Quotient, it means the ratio of information a person has in general. The ability to grasp knowledge, the capacity of memorizing, factual and historical apprehension, and comprehensive interpretation of true events makes a person gain a high IQ level.

The trailing to obtain knowledge and awareness regarding various educational aspects of the world is a trait of an inquisitive person. The curious individuals, who are in quest of knowing and learning to a greater extent about life in general, usually have higher IQ level. A person whose IQ level of 100 is considered an average learned person has average IQ level, legends like Einstein and Stephen Hawking had an IQ of 160.

The ratio of higher IQ levels is connected to intelligence level, rational decision-making, and general intellect of a person. The Students, teachers, scholars, and individuals, who are passionate about gaining a higher Intelligence level, must conduct online tests designed by Enter To Study and know on which degree they stand.

Through attempting these online IQ tests you might learn more for any competitive exam. It is a platform of self-assessing your general intellectual capability to test your IQ level. These tests are sketched in accordance with the analytical, psychological, and standardized system adopted globally for testing one’s IQ level. The quests for knowledge always lead to progression and development in life. These online tests of our website have consisted of MCQs related to all fields, for example, PAF, Army, and Navy that will be the source of acquiring more knowledge and judging how much knowledge you already have.

If you want to join Pakistan Air Force as a career and looking for online IQ test preparation then Enter To Study is the best platform for you. We have added thousands of questions in our database for sharp students.

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