NTS NAT Test Preparation

The National Testing Service (NTS) for performance evaluation in Pakistan was established in 2002. There are two types of testing that NTS provides for admission to colleges and universities including the GAT (Graduate Assessment Test), and NAT (National Aptitude Test). This organization has been developed to maintain the education standard in Pakistan and provides comparative grading at the national level for educational institutes.

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Many universities, such as COMSATS, Bahhaudin Zakariya university, and the Islamia University Bahawalpur have made the NTS test compulsory for admission to these institutes. To pass the test, 50 percent of marks are required. The respective organization annually announces jobs in national testing services. The NTS test is also conducted for a number of semicircular and public jobs. In order to get the admission, the students must pass the NTS test with the best marks. For students who apply and are able to secure a job after passing the test, a number of NTS test jobs are available.

How To Get Best Marks in NTS NAT Test

This NTS NAT test is the national aptitude test for the information. Here you will find some important tips on how to prepare this evaluation. Universities associated with this testing body are required by candidates to participate in this assessment phase.

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NTS NAT Test Preparation Tips, Pattern, Schedule, Guide

NTS NAT 1 Test Category and Pattern

Note, it is important for students with 12 years’ education to appear in the NTS NAT 1 test, which is the assessment stage of category 1. For pre-engineering students, the NAT-IE category is made. Pre-medical students will be assigned to the IM category. We have the IA category for students in the arts group. For ICS students, the NAT-ICS section is made. I.Com students must then be entered into the test category NAT-ICOM. In this test, you will get 90 MCQ questions. You’re going to get only two hours.

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NTS NAT 2 Test Category and Pattern

This is a test for students who have been educated for 14 years. You can sit down for this exam paper if you have completed 14 years of education in the subject of arts and social sciences, the biological, management, physical, and Islamic sciences. In this test, you must try 100 questions. This test takes a total of 2 hours.

Preparing English Section

The important section of this section is questions for sentence completion. Then you prepare questions about the analogy. The relationship between similar words you should be able to know. Then you get questions, synonymous with, passages in understanding. This is the key area of this NTS NAT test. It must be prepared strongly. As there are many subsections, all of these subsections should be carefully prepared.

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Tips to Prepare Analytical Section

In this section, a statement is given and then you must analyze it and find the correct answer. Any scenario or complex situation can also be given. You must work on your abilities for logic and critical thinking.

Preparing Quantitative Section

All basic and common concepts of mathematics must be prepared for this section. You have to prepare topics such as addition, subtraction, reproduction, and division. Simple percentage, ratio and share, simple algebraic questions, and geometry are then prepared.

Tips to Prepare for Subject Section

You will prepare your main topics in this area. You prepare the main biology, physics, and chemistry subjects as if your category is F.Sc Pre-Medical. And you will prepare the main subjects of Math, Physics, and Chemistry if your key subject matter belongs to the line of F.Sc Pre-Engineering.

NAT Test Day Guidelines and Tips

Below given are some tips and instructions for the NAT Test

  • Reach the test center before the time of the report. After a specified period, no candidate is admitted to the test center.
  • Convey your roll number and CNIC to the test center (if convenient). No candidate is entertained for the test without the roll number slip.
  • The candidates will seal and open every question booklet at the beginning of the test. Never break the screen until the test begins.
  • Two replies to one single question have been shaded/packed. It’s ZERO marked.
  • Writing and cutting near or wherever on the answer sheet distracts readability and can be marked ZERO in the particular answer circle.
  • Use the Black or Blue Ball pen to fill the circles only.
  • Do not put any other stationery items in the question booklet, including rough or extra sheets as two blank sheets are placed for rough work.
  • The use of any other material not supplied by NTS is illegal and disciplinary.
  • Nothing but your name, roll number, and sign on the front title of the question booklet before trying to write questions can be written.
  • Each question carries 1 mark
  • No negative marking.
Score Validity

The score of NAT is valid for one year only.

Important Points for Students


Exam Centre / Testing Locations

To get the details about the test Centre click the link given below.


We hope you will follow the above guidelines and tips to get the best marks in NTS NAT Test.

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