General Knowledge - Units of Measurements

Prepare these General Knowledge questions for PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and other quiz competitions.

General Knowledge - Units of Measurements
The candidates are expected to have basic knowledge and information about Places, Rivers, Oceans, Seas, Mountains, Peaks, Mountain Passes, Volcanoes, Earthquaks, Highest and Lowest Points of the Continents, Population, Areas of Continents, Crops,Important Islands, Important Lakes, Important Waterfalls, Important Glaciers, Major Industries, Deserts, Atmosphere of the Earth, Forests, Winds, Tides, Time and Seasons, Latitudes and Longitudes, Weather, Rainfall, World Counties, Famous Cities, Exploration and Discoveries, Religions of the World,Empires and Dynasties, Battles, Airlines, News Agencies, Airports, Annual Days, Important Books, Nobel Prizes, World Records, General Information, Famous Personalities, U.N.O. and other International Organizations, Sports, Everyday Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Science, etc.

Here are the most commonly asked General Knowledge questions you can expect to be asked in your interview, job test, or any quiz competition and advice on how you can craft effective responses. Prepare these General Knowledge questions for PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and other quiz competitions.
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    • General Knowledge - Units of Measurements

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  1. Horse power is 745.7 watts
  2. 1 horse power = work equal to lifting 550 lbs of weight to one foot for one second
  3. 1 calorie is equal to 4.2 Joules
  4. 1 barrel is equal to 159 liters
  5. 6 feet = 1 fathom
  6. 1 KWH = 3.6 x 10 power 6 joules
  7. A 100 watt bulb lights for 1 hour uses 100 watt hour of electricity
  8. -273 degree centigrade is called absolute zero temperature.
  9. Standard pressure is 760 mm or 14.7 lb/in2
  10. Gross is equal to 12 dozens
  11. Mach 2 = 500 miles per hour
  12. 1 nautical mile = 1825 meters
  13. Unit of pressure is Pascal
  14. Force is measured in Newton (SI), Dyne (CGS)
  15. At -40 deg F Fahrenheit scale is equal to centigrade scale
  16. Hertz and Angstrom are units of frequency
  17. Units of work and energy are Joule and Erg (CGS)
  18. Dioptre is unit of power of lens
  19. Unit is density is kg/m3
  20. Unit of power is watt, BTU (Board of Trade Unit)
  21. Unit of electric charge is Coulomb
  22. Unit of voltage is volt
  23. Unit of electric resistance is ohm
  24. Unit of capacitance is Farad
  25. Unit of magnetic flux is Weber, Tesla
  26. Unit of radio activity is Becquerel
  27. Unit of luminous intensity is candle, lux
  28. Unit of crude oil is Barrel
  29. Unit of volume of water is cusec, cubic/sec
  30. Unit of admittance is Mho
  31. Unit of intensity or loudness of sound is bel
  32. Unit of viscosity is Poise
  33. Unit of flight speed is Mach I
  34. Unit of atmospheric pressure is milli bar
  35. Unit of wave length of light is Angstrom
  36. Unit of energy is Electron volt
  37. Unit of brightness is Lambert
  38. Unit of luminous flux is Lumen
  39. Intensity of illumination or unit of luminosity is Lux, Candela and Candle power
  40. Unit of magnetic pole strength is Weber
  41. Unit of RAD (Radiation Absorbed Dose) is Gray
  42. Unit of Electric Current is Ampere
  43. Unit of inductance is Henry
  44. Unit of conductance is siemens.
  45. Unit of heat is Joule, Calorie, BTU (British Thermal Unit)
  46. Radio activity is measured in currie
  47. Rutherford : strength of radioactivity
  48. Torr: pressure
  49. Fermi : length [A unit of length equal to one femtometer (10-15 meter)]
  50. Sved berg unit:sedimentation rate
  51. Dioptre: power of lense
  52. Mho : conductivity
  53. Henry: inductance
  54. Maxwell: magnetic flux
  55. Becquerel: radioactivity
  56. Kilo watt hour: power
  57. Coulomb: unit of electrical charge
  58. Weber: unit of magnetic flux
  59. Tesla: unit of magnetic flux density
  60. Siemen: unit of conductance
  61. Rutherford: unit of rate of decay of radioactive material
  62. Faraday: unit of electric charge
  63. Angstrom: unit of length, used especially to specify radiation wavelengths
  64. Parsec: unit of astronomical length
  65. Degree: unit of measurement of an angle
  66. Steradian: Unit of solid angle measurement
  67. Dyne is a unit of Force.
  68. SI unit of pressure is Pascal.
  69. Curie is a unit of : radioactivity
  70. Pascal Sound Pressure
  71. Torr Pressure
  72. Curie Intensity of radioactivity
  73. Angstrom Unit of length
  74. Light year The distance light travels in a year
  75. Dioptre Lens refractive power
  76. Horse power Unit of Power
  77. Radian Unit of angular measure
  78. Candela Unit of luminous intensity
  79. Mole unit of amount of substance
  80. What is measured in units called phon- Sound 192
  81. What is measured in grains - four grains to a carat- Pearls
  82. Unit of electromotive force in Volt.
  83. What is the SI unit of illumination -Lux
  84. Gross is equal to 12 dozen.
  85. Ozone is measured in percent age.
  86. An object traveling at Mach 2 is traveling approximately at 500 mph.(chk)
  87. What is measured on the Gay-Lussac scale: Alcohol strength
  88. Chronometer is used to measure... time
  89. Anemometer is used to measure... Wind Speed
  90. The clusec is the unit measuring the power of what Vacuum pumps
  91. One million cycles per second is called Megahertz.
  92. 0.200 grams are equal to one carat.
  93. Voltammeter is an electrolytic cell for conducting electrolytic dissociation of electrolyte.
  94. 8 furlongs make one mile.
  95. A billion contain 1000 million. It has 9 zeroes. Similarly a trillion has 12 zeroes,a quadrillion 15 zeroes,a quintillion 18 zeroes and a decillion 33 zeroes.
  96. One inch is equal to 2.5400 cms and one mile is equal to 1.6093 kms.
  97. One micron is equal to One-thousandth of a millimeter.
  98. 2.47105 acres is equal to what SI unit-Hectare
  99. What word describes one tenth of a nautical mile-Cable
  100. What is measured on the Torro scale -Tornados


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General Knowledge - Units of Measurements
Prepare these General Knowledge questions for PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and other quiz competitions.
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